Integrate your personality

The AtmanCo API allows you to integrate AtmanCo’s human capital solution into your website, HR systems, or any other application you may be using.

Our API lets you integrate Atman’s Psychometric Test and all of its other employee assessments to make your human capital management as seamless, effective, and efficient as possible.

You understand your business, we understand people. Now you can combine these two together with the AtmanCo API and take your company to new heights.

Potential Applications

The actual potential applications are endless, but here are a few ideas for you to see just how awesome the AtmanCo API really is!

Applicant Tracking Systems

Why filter through applicants based on only their resumes when the results of a psychometric test can give you so much more information? Integrate AtmanCo’s API into your ATS and improve your recruitment process tenfold!

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